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Our company is established legitimately in Taiwan with many years of export and import Trade services. We are affiliated to numerous manufacturers both in TAIWAN and CHINA. We have Taiwan local service, research and development team. We combine the efforts of the manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China to create good international trade services.

We specialize in supplying all kinds of general goods to Africa, South America, Europe and Asia. Our corporate teams always aim at our customer’s demand to provide “OEM and “ODM” services to meet their own choice, specifications, especially in their brand names. Our products include Household products, Textile, Tailoring materials, Zippers (slide fasteners). We also undertake supplying of Building materials, Raw materials of any kind, Industrial machineries, Tools, Agricultural products, such as frozen fish, Agricultural machineries both new and used. Also we engaged in supplying of fairly used and factory stock lots like audio electronics sets, refurbished computer PCs and monitors, auto spare parts, used vehicles of all kinds, motorcycles and its spare parts, spots bicycles, and electric generator sets of any k.v,a.

We persist in giving all the customers the most rigorous products quality, the best specialized service, the most rapid delivery mechanism, the most economical cost price, and create the highest benefit for our customers.

We guaranty you trust, quality and good price for every business you do with us, we are here to represent you in good faith.

TEL:+886 2 2909-3736
FAX:+886 2 2297-8603
WEB:http://zipus.lifeinfo.tw/  &  http://zipus.blogspot.com/
ADD:No. 5-8, Jhuanyacuo, Taishan Township, Taipei County, Taiwan 24341, R.O.C

Paint Brush & Roller Brush (31 Page)

Paint Brush & Roller Brush

PVC Tapes (22 Page)

PVC Tapes

Solar Charger Action (19 Page)

太陽能行動充電器(綠色環保能源Green Power Energy)
Zipus Solar Charger Action - This is solar charger manufactured with our own brand name[OEM]. To suit the charging of assorted mobile phones, cameras, iPod, MP3 and MP4 through sun energy. It can store power current for you to charge your accessories at your convenient time. When there is no sun rays. The product can be charged through electricity. Afterwards, Can be taken out with your mobile phones and other minor machines in the case if you want to charge them.
Zipus 太陽能行動充電器,這是我們自己製造的品牌[OEM],以適合各類充電的手機,相機,iPod,MP3和MP4且能透過太陽能源來充電,它可以為你儲存電力於充電配件在您方便的時候,如果在沒有太陽光時,產品可以通過電力來充電,事後,如果你想要讓他們充電的情況下,可以取出你的手機和其他小型設備來充電。

Frozen Mackerel (28 Page)


Generators (2 Page)


Plastic bag machinery (6 Page)

1. Triple Purpose For LLDPE,LDEP,HDPE Blown Film Machine
2. Mini Type High Speed HDPE Blown Film Machine
3. Fully Automatic Double Layer Sealing & Cutting Machine
4. Automatic 2-Layer Bottom Sealing & Cutting Machine
5. 2 Colors Flexograhic Printing Machine

Plastic recycling of secondary raw materials (36 Page)


Video Share

SONY Video

How to find us


Fairly used audio electronics sets (20 Page)


Vehicles and parts & Tires (22 Page)


Fairly used motorcycle & bicycle (8 Page)


Refurbished computer pc & Used lcd monitor (7 Page)


Bolt and Nut making machine (15 Page)


Lathe machine & Grinding machine (12 Page)


Zipper (8 Page)

We also assist our customers in providing their demands on tailoring and textile materials like sewing machine, sewing threads, zippers, elastic bands, tafita polytene cloths, tarpolens and leathers.
We are capable to supply our customers factory stocks on zippers, leathers tapolens and tafita cloth at cheaper price.

20' OPEN TOP HQ Container (18 Page)


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TEL:+886 2 2909-3736
FAX:+886 2 2297-8603
WEB:http://zipus.lifeinfo.tw/ & http://zipus.blogspot.com/
ADD:No. 5-8, Jhuanyacuo, Taishan Township, Taipei County, Taiwan 24341, R.O.C